5th Workshop on
Visualization for AI Explainability

October 17th, 2022 at IEEE VIS in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

HOW TO submit an explainable? (in 4 steps)

We use the PCS submission system to take your submissions for explainables. Deadline is August 24, 2020, anywhere.

Step 1 - Go to https://new.precisionconference.com and login or create a login:

Login or create login (red circle)

Step 2 - Go to the tab 'submission' and select Society 'VGTC' -> Conference 'VIS 2019' -> Track 'VIS 2019 VISxAI Workshop Blog Posts':

Choose VIS 2019 VISxAI Workshop Blog Posts for Explainables

Step 3 - Fill in title, all authors, and abstract. If you have an online version of your submission please add the link to the abstract. If you have source code, PDFs, etc.. please add as document. Either the link or the document is required for a complete submission. Submitting both is allowed.

Step 4 - Don't forget to hit "Record" :)