2nd Workshop on
Visualization for AI Explainability

October XX at IEEE VIS in Vancouver, Canada

We are back :) -- more details will follow soon. Our workshop was accepted and will happen in October in Vancouver. Warm up your VISxAI pipelines and get ready to submit later this year (most likely July).

The role of visualization in artificial intelligence (AI) gained significant attention in recent years. With the growing complexity of AI models, the critical need for understanding their inner-workings has increased. Visualization is potentially a powerful technique to fill such a critical need.

The goal of this workshop is to initiate a call for “explainables” that explain how AI techniques work using visualizations. We believe the VIS community can leverage their expertise in creating visual narratives to bring new insight into the often obfuscated complexity of AI systems.


Examples of blog posts using interactive visualizations to (1) explain general concepts of AI models and (2) communicate experimental insights when playing with AImodels. (a) Why Momentum Really Works by Gabriel Goh; (b) Tensorflow Playground by Smilkov, Carter, et.al. (c) FormaFluens Data Experiment by Strobelt, Phibbs, Martino

Organizers (alphabetic)

Hendrik Strobelt - IBM Research, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Mennatallah El-Assady - University of Konstanz
Duen Horng (Polo) Chau - Georgia Tech
Adam Perer - Carnegie Mellon University
Fernanda Viégas - Google Brain